Green Eggs and…Sausage

I’ve always been a fan of eggs. We went through this egg beater phase back when as a 14 year old, I was diagnosed with sort of high cholesterol, but in place of real egg (yolk and all) they just fall short.

Growing up, we pretty much just ate scrambled eggs or if we had time to spare….baked eggs (this is a whole other post). But in my twenties, I started to realize that there were other scrumptous ways to eat eggs: fried eggs, omelets (well I’d had these but never made them), breakfast burritos, egg casseroles, etc. But, try as I might, I was still having issues with making my eggs taste amazing. Sure, they were good, but not restaurant quality-and I wanted restaurant quality.

Two monumental experiences:

1. On our honeymoon at Grayton Beach, FL we stumbled into a wonderful little breakfast cafe called Another Broken Egg Cafe. The menu was full of muffins, fresh fruit, pancakes, and egg dishes galore. I ordered the Southwest Scramble, scrambled eggs full of Chorizo, green chilis, tomatoes, onions, and cheese and let me tell you, I’ve been thinking about those eggs for almost three years now. If you’ve never been to Another Broken Egg Cafe, maybe you should stumble upon one near you soon.

2. About two years ago, Matt and I went with some friends to an exorbitantly priced brunch buffet at our local Presidential Library. One of the delicious menu items was a made to order omelette. And that’s where I learned the secret to good eggs that I’d been lacking all through my twenties. When I told the kind omelette maker what veggies and meat I wanted, he started doing something brilliant…sauteing.  I had never thought of this-simple as it was. I always started my egg making with the eggs, not the fixins. This simple revelation has transformed our eggs.

Yesterday, I created a little egg dish which I like to call Green Eggs and Sausage. Here’s what you need:

Several broccholli florets (cut up in small peices)
1 Green Pepper
1/4 of an Onion
2 Cups of Fresh spinach
2 tsp of minced garlic
Breakfast sausage
6-8 Eggs
 2-3 Tbsp of milk
 salt and pepper to taste
Cheese (I like a Mexican blend)
Olive Oil

1. Brown the breakfast sausage, drain, and set aside.
2. Pour about a Tablespoon (give or take) of Olive Oil into a skillet, add cut up broccholi, green pepper, onion, and garlic. Saute on medium heat until the onions are translucent.
3. While you’re waiting for your saute to finish, whisk together the milk and eggs.
4. Add egg mixture, sausage, and spinach to the veggies. Scramble. Salt and pepper.
5. When it’s done, top with shredded cheese and ENJOY!

A word on measurements:

Like I’ve said before, I’m not big on measurements, so the ones I’ve listed are rough. The best way to make awesome eggs, is to follow your gut and toss stuff in to taste.


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