She’s a green baby

 When I got pregnant a year ago, I was still on the fence about cloth diapering. It had always been in my mind, but I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with all of the folding and the leaking and the covers and the safety pins. I definitely wanted to save money, and I wanted to be kind to the Earth, but the mess….ugh. I just wasn’t sure, UNTIL, I spent some time with my cloth diapering cousin last fall. That was when I learned that the cloth diapers now a days, are not our mama’s cloth diapers.

If any of you are on the fence, I hope I can persuade you to jump off the fence and into cloth pastures. 

The Pros

1. From a purely vain perspective, I think cloth diapers are the cutest diapers out there. They come in all sorts of colors, and I gotta tell you, it’s super fun to match the diaper to the outfit (I mean what girl doesn’t secretly match her undies to her outfits anyway?) I imagine Charlie is the envy of all the other babies at our Mommy group. If they could talk they’d say, “MOM! Why don’t my diapers match my dress? I’m sick of Elmo, I want a pink diaper, too!”

2. We have had ZERO blowouts since we started using cloth diapers. By blowouts I mean poop everywhere, up the back, on the dress, all over grossness. I will say for the first time today, we had a little leak situation on my friend’s leg. (As in a couple drops of pee). What a bummer. That’s never happened before. So all in all, these diapers hold in a lot of stuff.

3. While you may be initially floored by the price (I got mine at 2 for 35.99 at, you will save tons of money in the end. If you’re buying name brand diapers ($12-14  for just 50 or so diapers) the money adds up quickly, especially if you have more than one kid.

4.  Cloth diapers prevent gobs and gobs of unnecessary waste from going to landfills and hurting the environment and let’s face it, unless we all do our part, who will?

5. Cloth diapers are SO easy to take care of. I take them off of her bum and throw them directly into the diaper champ. When it’s full, I dump them into the washer for one cold heavy-duty cycle, and then one hot cycle. I tried just one cycle once, and well, you just really need that second cycle. The package says to line dry them, but I put them in the dryer and they’re good to go in no time at all. Easy and….not gross. Now, I know when I start feeding her solid foods, it will take a little more effort to get them clean, and for that we have a toilet sprayer. But until then, I’m loving the ease of it all.

6. My baby’s bum is so nice and soft. It just feels so good to pick her up and not hear crinkle crinkle crinkle.

7. Cloth diapering cuts down on diaper rashes, and who doesn’t love that?


1. Poop is gross. But then again, it’s gross in a plastic diaper, too. And it’s gross in your yard (and occasionally inside when your dog is trying to tell you something). Poop is part of life and well it’s sick.

I mean really that’s all I can think of . Wash days make me sad because those are the days she has to wear her plastic diapers.


I ordered all of my cloth diapers from Personally I love Bum Genius dipes because they are one size fits all and all in one. So the diapers I have for her are the ones I can use all the way up to potty time (oh what a glorious day!)

Just to name a few cloth diapering sites….

The list goes on and on, so feel free to google “cloth diapers” and enjoy the ride, save the Earth, and save your money!


6 thoughts on “She’s a green baby

  1. Heather says:

    Good choice, by the way. Hey, just so you know, to take away your con. It is actually in small print on diaper boxes that you should dispose of the poop in disposable diapers as well. No difference. I say this as I place disposables on my kid though. I’m all for trying to sell others on the conveniences of cloth diapering. I did cloth diaper with Gage for a season but my cons are: finding pants that then fit over the diaper. (dresses didn’t work so well with the boys) and being a single parent with four kids I didn’t think I could add in the need to launder my diapers regularly. Also, since I EC, the amount of diapers that I use in a day are significantly lower than a typical baby. And since my kids are potty trained at an earlier age, that’s my part to the environment! Just my two cents

    • cheesefemme says:

      Heather, I’m impressed that you EC. I was really considering it before having my last baby 19 months ago, but decided it was just too much for me to think about (that’s also why I didn’t do cloth with this one). Anna, you know I’m thrilled that you are CDing Charlie! But we all have to make choices, and for me, with all of my mental and physical issues, disposable is what works for me for now. Anna, look up “Elimination Communication” for more info on “EC”.

  2. Cassidy says:

    Yippee for CDing! You know I love it and I’m so pleased that you’re on the CD bandwagon, Anna! There are a lot of other brands that I’ve discovered that you may like as well. One that I’d steer you to is Otter Blotters. It’s an All In Two. They’re covers that you snap inserts onto (rather than stuffing) so you just change the insert and you can use the cover more than once. They also come in great patters and, as one who also likes to feel a sweet and soft baby bottom AND have a cute pattern on her, they also have MINKY! Super soft and cute!

  3. stibbsfamily says:

    I am totally on the bandwagon (stella has little g pants and bum genuis inserts-works great!) and I think that it gets easier when they start solids. solids the poo becomes little ‘nuggets’ to put it delicately. i personally think breastmilk poo is the craziest, stickiest thing EVER!

  4. Melissa says:

    Love the idea – I’d made up my mind to do it – then was told by daycare that it’s not allowed there. SO…… bummer. Good for you, though! 🙂

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