Pesto Pizza

Well folks,what are you gonna do with Basil coming out of your ears?  Clean them out?

NO-not really coming out of my ears-weird! Ok, but we are growing a FOREST of basil in our back yard.  To top it off, that one little basil plant has spread to two other pots! So what are you gonna do with that much basil? MAKE PESTO! And that’s what I did-and will do, again and again…until a frost kills my beloved plant.

 Here’s how….(thanks to my little sis, Laura Jane, who you can find at

1. Pick off about 40-50 Basil leaves from your plant (or buy some-whatever.)

2. Grab a handful of pine nuts.

3. Combine in a food processor, alternating a little basil and few pine nuts.

4. When you are about half way through combining, throw about three cloves of garlic in-one at a time, in the midst of throwing in your basil/pine nuts.

5. When you chopped all of these things up-add 2/3 Cup of shredded parmesan, a little at a time.

6. To finish-mix in some olive oil to achieve your desired pesto consistency.  Start with a Tablespoon and add what you need from there.

There you have it-Easy as Pie Pesto…and speaking of pie…I made Pizza with mine.

Now my husband and I are constantly trying to one up ourselves with our next Pizza creation…and we’ve made some crazy pizzas, but I have to say, last night’s Pesto Pizza was one of our Top Three. This is how I did it.

I bought a crust. Yeah, that’s right. I was making them and tossing them, but then I had a baby and well….who has time for that? So I started with a refrigerated pizza crust. I packed it down firmly for a thin crust. Then I added a medium layer of pesto. I topped that with thinly sliced Tomatoes, Peppers, organic Spinach, Pepperoni (Matt won’t eat pizza without some sort of sodium-laden meat-what are you gonna do?), and mozzarella. Then I baked it for 15 minutes. It was so good, that all day I’ve been daydreaming about the different pesto combinations I could put on a pizza or in a sandwich!

So, make one of your very own pesto creations and share it with me! Bon Appetit and Enjoy!


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