The Great Carrot Fiasco

Yesterday my little girl was FREAKING out. I had let her play until she was bored…I had given her milk until she was full…I had let her nap until she wasn’t tired anymore. But she wanted carrots and she wanted them NOW. Kinda like the little girl who wanted the oompa loompa. So I sat her in her bumbo seat and put her bib on. She freaked out. I got the carrots out of the freezer and put them in the microwave. She kept freaking out, though now it was getting louder. I checked them at 30 seconds. They weren’t warm yet…still a little icy. She wouldn’t have liked them that way. I tried to tell her, “Kiddo, they aren’t good yet.” She wasn’t hearing it. “I WANT THEM NOW” she wailed in gibberish. I heated them for 20 seconds more. Still not ready. Her face was red and streaming with tears. Finally, after 10 more seconds they were ready and perfect and she thought they were delicious. She ate them all, I wiped her face, I changed her diaper, dressed her in pj’s, kissed her, put her down, and she slept all night.

And how just like that we are with God. All along he knows he’s getting our carrots just right. Not scalding, not freezing, but perfect. Because his plans are to prosper us and not to hurt us, to give us a future and a hope. But man, can we pitch a fit. “I want those carrots and I want them now” (in a British accent)! I think most days I’m a little baby to God. Unwilling to wait, unwilling to rest, unwilling to stop crying because all I can see are the two seconds in front of me. But he sees it all. And if I’m looking out for my little girl-even more wonderful are His eyes that look out for me.

God-use this motherhood thing to show me sweet glimpses of yourself!


2 thoughts on “The Great Carrot Fiasco

  1. Janet Schmidt says:

    Is Charlie Belle’s hair “red” by any chance? What a wonderful story. Brought back many memories of impatient children I’ve known!! LOL

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