Cloth diapering…navigating solids

When I was laughed out of town about 9 months ago on the admission that I’d be going the cloth diaper route I was even more determined to make it work. Granted, I decided beforehand that I would not cloth diaper until after 6 weeks-too much first time mom breast feeding drama to handle it, and I was right. But I ended up using disposables for longer-mainly because SO many people believed I wouldn’t go through with it that I had enough disposables to last me 3 months. The only people who actually bought me cloths were my awesome Grandma, Bunny who called them “fancy pants,” and my parents. I have bought myself about 4 diapers. So right now we’re up to 15 (a wonderful yellow Bum Genius diaper is missing, I suspect the Beagle).

So folks, I made it until 6 months without a hitch and that’s when things changed. Many of you, seeing I was determined to make it that far, doubted I’d make it past the introduction of solid foods and I am happy to say that you are….WRONG! (Please say this like that guy on SNL from the 90’s who paradied the round table talk show I forgot the name of). Yes, yes, I was terrified of the solid food poop that makes me gag, but I would like you to know that I’ve overcome and we are still happily cloth diapering. Before I tell you how, I’d like to say a few things about some other diaper brands I’ve discoverd along the way. I still like Bum Genius best, though.

1. Little G’s: You can buy these adorable cloths at Babies R Us for about $12 a piece (a good price), but they are not quite as good as Bum G’s. Pros: You can use them over and over and just change out the inserts. You can buy biodegradable/flushable inserts, cloth inserts, or use extra inserts you already have (what I did).  They are super super cute! Cons: These little dudes leak a little more than desirable.  I have to use 3 inserts compared to the one I usually use with Bum G’s. How I use them: I pretty much only use these diapers when I’m washing all of my favorite diapers. I have a friend who stuffs these with Gerber cloths and loves them, so that is also worth a try. The leakage may be due to the teeny tiny legs my little chica has.

2. I found some Fuzzi Bunz on sale at our neighborhood’s fall festival and bought two for $30 (a GREAT deal). There are really no pros and cons on these. They are pretty much just as good as my Bun G’s, except they have snaps instead of velcro. I like them.  They are still on sale this month, so get some while they last.

Now to the good stuff, Navigating solids!!!

I have found God’s gift  to the green mom who also happens to have a very active gag reflex even with her own baby’s poop….drum roll…..

These little dudes are paper thin biodegradable/flushable liners that lay on top of your cloth diaper for the sole purpose of catching poop. They come in rolls of 90 and cost $6 for the small ones and $8 for larger ones. I suggest splurging on the larger ones. I found these at the beginning of September and they are working like a charm. When baby chica poops I just dump the dump into the toilet easy as pie (freezer section pop into the oven pie-real pie is hard, I don’t get that figure of speech).  There is no mess, there is no dunking of the diaper in the toilet, there is no toilet sprayer, there is no polution. That is all.

SO….all you skeptics, it can be done and quite easily. You, too can save the world and have a very fashionable baby, all while buying yourself a good pair of post pregnancy hot mama blue jeans because you’ve saved a ton of money not buying diapers everytime you go to Target.

Be encouraged! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Cloth diapering…navigating solids

  1. stibbsfamily says:

    i agree it is easy, but i have to say…..i HATE doing cloth diapers. maybe because i have multiples in cloth and maybe because they have a high fiber diet (meaning oh so many poos) or maybe because i am pregnant so that gag reflex is at an all time high, but somedays i just shake my head and wish i was a pampers mom. but i’m not. so i scrap and shake shit and get over it. i do love saving the money and they are soooo cute. also, i agree, i think the g’s don’t leak for us because of thunder thighs 😉 i’ve only had them leak a couple times during lincoln’s nap when he pees ALOT.

    • Anna B. says:

      Try the inserts, so much easier, just turn over and dump ’em. One roll lasts about a month for one baby. The diaper is TOTALLY protected. But I even dump the poop from disposables when I use them because I don’t like it sitting around and festering until the garbage gets taken out, that idea grosses me out. Yeah, 2 in dipes…not cool.

      • stibbsfamily says:

        when i read that i thought, “hey maybe that’s my saving grace” i’ve seen those on the shelves but never really knew what they were for. cloth diapering really is a very big uncharted world at times. i will try that because when we three are at work i take the diapers out (poo and all) roll them up and throw them in a grocery sack. i then take that sack home and throw it in the laundry room sink and leave it there til wash day. opening those bags are scary! i could probably have better method, but life gets in the way. 🙂

  2. Renea says:

    Anna–are the cloth diapers much bigger than the pampers? Do Charlie’s jeans & pants fit over the diapers okay? I think we need some pictures of a cutie-pie wearing her diapers!

  3. deena says:

    we have some of those liners waiting in our stash for when we get to the solid food poops! someone mentioned them to my husband and he promptly bought a roll, even though she wasn’t even born at the time, much less thinking about solid food 🙂 i’m glad to hear that he made a wise purchase!

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