Little Baby in a Big City

So, Matt had a job interview in the Big Apple this week. For some reason we’re doing the adventurous thing a little late-late enough to be logical about life, late enough for the risk assessment part of our brains to be fully and COMPLETELY developed, and late enough to be keenly aware of germs. I thought it was supposed to be about uh, a decade ago, but no, we’re doing it now….now that we’re old and past the point of wanting to live in NYC.

I was totally freaked out about touring the City alone so luckily my college friend Eric, served as a very gracious tour guide. I’d already done the tourist thing when 9 years ago 20 crazy adults and I took 100+ teenagers in matching tee shirts to NYC (oh my), so this time I just wanted to walk around and….eat.  Eat we did, at a great little Greek place in Astoria, Queens called Opa! Two great Gyros coming in at less than $12=Amazing. 

Then we headed to Manhattan (on the subway, of course) which was WAY easier than the map made it look and he showed me a pretty cute and laid back part of the city. It was getting dark, so we headed to Midtown, where I thought Matt could easily catch a train and I could park at a bakery or Starbucks and hang out with my now really tired, cranky, and hungry baby.  Eric spotted a great little bakery for me and we said our good-byes at the door. From here my adventure began.

I walked into the bakery, excited to sit down with a coffee and a cupcake, only to find there were no chairs. I don’t mean there were no available chairs, I mean there were no chairs, period. There was no bathroom either. Now, I drink a lot of fluids and it had already been about 3 hours since I’d gone to the bathroom, 4 hours since the baby had eaten, and 5 since I’d changed her. I needed a bathroom and I needed one NOW. Also, I called Matt to see if he was on his way and he was still waiting on his last interview to begin…sheesh, I had to get out of there.

Rockefeller Center with a very sleepy baby

So, I stepped out and nonchalantly got out my Iphone (what would I do without it?), pulled up the handy dandy “around me” ap, located the nearest Starbucks, and started walking. It was packed, and while yes they had chairs, they did NOT have a bathroom. What gives? Do people Midtown Manhattan have built in catheters or something? The guy at the counter says “There’s a Charmin Center about a block down on your right.” Now I’ve run about 5 Race for the Cure 5k’s and Charmin always sets up a big line of nice pink porta-potties, so despite the fact that I think it’s pretty weird that Charmin would permanently park itself in Midtown, I headed that way, looking for some pink potties. They are nowhere in sight, but another Starbucks is. Whew. But, um….no bathrooms again. The guy inside pointed across the street to a visitor center (in retrospect, I must have heard Charmin for visitor), where I find a….bathroom. Thank the Lord. Unfortunately for me and my baby in her stroller, we literally cannot fit in said bathroom. I briefly thought of holding the stroller in my lap while I peed, but then decided against it. We headed out to find the guy at an information booth who had a key to the handicapped/mommy bathroom. Once inside, I took some deep breaths and relaxed, because in my quest for a bathroom, somehow the baby and I had ended up SMACK DAB in the middle of Times Square at rush hour with thousands of other tourists and such.  You know those stereotypical Time Square scenes in movies? Yep-there we were. I took my time washing my hands really well, changed the baby (quite skillfully) in her stroller, and walked (briskly!) back to the original Starbucks to nurse her and wait for Matt. One of the baristas asked me if I used to come in because I look familiar and then asks me if I’m on tv. This cheered me up and eventually Matt got out, rode the train, navigated Time Square on his own and we were reunited. We ate some pizza, walked around Rockefeller Plaza, took some pictures, went Empire State Building, and headed back to our hotel. It was a busy, crazy, fun day.

We have no idea what will happen with his job, or if we will even have to decide whether or not to live in the City for 2 years, but I know this-if I can navigate Time Square alone with my little baby all alone and rush hour, I think I can handle pretty much anything.


5 thoughts on “Little Baby in a Big City

  1. michelle says:

    funny post! i’ve spent quite a bit of time in the city due to working for h&m and one thing i learned was that Gaps ALWAYS have a bathroom. and they are clean and fairly big. this goes for old navy’s and BR as well.

  2. Sarah! says:

    You’re famous! You should have said, “Why yes, yes I am on TV!” And your pee story cracks me up…”3 hours since I went to the bathroom” makes me feel like I have bladder problems since I go way more sporadically.

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