Let’s Talk About Germs

I think it’s time to talk about germs. It’s winter time, the weather is getting colder, noses are getting runnier, and stomachs are getting queasier.  Just the other day, Matt puked so violently that hearing it both made me gag and laugh just a little (you know that awkward laugh that you shouldn’t do when someone falls or something). It was gut wrenching for him-almost like he was turning his body inside out. Pure and complete insanity. So, I cloroxed the whole house, gave him his own hand towel, quarantined the baby, and drank a glass of white wine (I hear it’s a stomach bug deterrent?).  Luckily, the baby and I were unaffected, but Matt is still a little weak and queasy from his unfortunate and brutal encounter with….GERMS!

That being said, we are still a little shaken up from the whole experience and super-sensitive to the possibility of catching another bug. And to top it off, today I saw TWO women leave their stall, walk past the sink, and right out the door-touching the handle. ICK! Two very grown, adult, sane women did this. I’m not one of those moms who worries too much about my baby crawling on spotless floors that have been mopped everyday, or sanitizing bottles everyday in boiling water,  but I am a mom who washes my hands all the time. Here’s the deal (I learned this from a prett y smart ER doctor I’m buddies with) the germs on our hands are the culprit of many bugs we catch this time of year. Yep, the stomach bug is hand to mouth, not air borne. So, that lady at Chick Fil A who peed (or worse!), didn’t bother to wash her hands, and put her grimy hands all over the bathroom door could be the reason some other unsuspecting health conscious-handwashing citizen may be puking tomorrow. 

I’m just saying people-if you’re one of those folks who gets the pukies a lot, maybe you should think about how often you wash your hands. And if you’re one of those people who don’t wash your hands in the bathroom-well sick-you should. 

Happy Holidays and stay well! 🙂


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