Mexican Fiesta!

Don’t you feel like the word fiesta! should always be followed with an exclamation mark? I do! I love fiestas (unless they are the all night variety) so of course, one of my favorite meals is quite the Fiesta! in my mouth.

Though, it’s entitled Mexican Fiesta, I seriously doubt that our friends across the border are consuming this dish on a regular basis, or ever for that matter. I’m not sure where my mom picked it up, but we Gringos have been enjoying this Tex Mex dish for as long as I can remember.

Last night I whipped some up for Matt. Here’s how you can make it yourself.  It’s SO easy.

1. Combine browned ground beef with any variety of chili with beans, add a can of tomato sauce, and 1/2 a can of water. Let this mixture simmer.  Last night, I was short both the chili and the tomato sauce, so I used a can of chili beans, 1/2 packet of taco seasoning, and some fresh tomatoes, coarsely chopped. Anything goes really. Just make sure it’s chunky, meaty, and spicy.

2. Make some rice. We usually do a cup and it’s enough.

3.  On your stove top heat up 1 or 2 cans of Campbell’s Fiesta! Nacho soup with either 1/2 can or 1 whole can of milk (depending on how much soup you are heating).

4. Cut up some lettuce, get out your salsa, and guacamole and get ready!

5. Layer crushed tortilla chips, rice, meat, cheese soup, lettuce, salsa, and guacamole.

Enjoy! We did!


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