It’s a thermostat-get one!

So, we’ve lived in this little century old house for 2.5 years and chalked up how freezing it is to poor insulation and single pane windows. Because we’re broke and new insulation and windows are not even CLOSE to being an option, we’ve just padded around in sweatshirts and slippers and Uggs for the last three winters. Matt and I are both very warm natured so it hasn’t been too much of an issue…at least for us.

Old Thermostat, note the supposed temperature and also how high the heat is set.

Last Christmas, when both families came to visit, they froze and we’ve been hearing about it for a year. This is what I text them all before Thanksgiving this year, “Hey-don’t forget blankets, Uggs, sweaters, wool socks. I can’t do anything about the temp and I don’t want to hear your complaining. Smiley face.” Well not that exactly, but almost. No matter what, we could never get the temp over 63 or so, that is according to the thermostat-the hundred year old thermostat.

All of this changed the other day when Matt and I were repainting our living room. Since it is a PET PEEVE of our’s when people paint around light switches and plugs (if you do this, stop being lazy and find a screwdriver-geez) like the former owner of our home, we took everything off the wall. For Matt, this included the thermostat. “AHHHH! Stop!” I shrieked while he laughed at my overreaction. “Do you know how to put that back?” Well, actually he only took off the face plate, but it refused to work when we reattacted it. So, the baby and I spent one rather chilly night while he went in for a night shift. I called our heat guy in the morning as we escaped the house for warmth, bagels, and coffee. When the he came, (I don’t know his name, but usually our repair guys are named Larry) he said Matt had just
missed one screw. Dang. That’s all? But then he told us that the thermostat we had probably only accurately measured the temperature for two years.  We said “give us a new one!” And he did.

New Thermostat

I’ve always read that programmable thermostats will save you money, but I didn’t know that your house would also be substantially warmer. This may be a big “DUH!” for all the real grown-ups reading this, but since the old one wasn’t really measuring temp (which we didn’t know), our heater was probably working ALL the time trying to heat our house, and failing at it miserably. Now when the temp is set at 68, the house is 68. We are so excited (just in time to put the house on the market and move)!

So, if you’re wondering if a new thermostat is worth it, Matt and I answer with a resounding, “YES!”

And family, you can come visit us now!


3 thoughts on “It’s a thermostat-get one!

  1. Nate is freezing in your rickety house says:

    All I can say is that this was done waaaaaaaay too late!!!!!!! But I’m glad it’s working now! 🙂

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