On the shooting in Arizona

I’ll make this short. Ever since Saturday and the tragic shooting that occurred in Arizona there has been a lot of finger-pointing and subsequently a lot of defending and then some you tube videos and articles and talk on the news of where to place blame. This is what we know-a deranged man (who had a history of making classmates uncomfortable and
of posting disturbing You Tube videos) took the lives of six and wounded 14 more. The blame lies with Jared Loughner alone, not his parents, not Democrats, not Republicans, not Sarah Palin, but Jared Loughner. And we dont’ know why he did it, but he did. It is not time to point fingers, to place blame, to get angry. It is time to mourn and pray.

Yes, people are angry at the government right now-but people are ALWAYS angry at the government. And that’s ok, because anger sometimes precedes much needed change! Look at how far our country has come from its humble beginnings because some people “weren’t gonna take it anymore.”

When sick people walk into churches and schools and kill, we don’t fight across party lines or even religious
lines. We don’t point our fingers at ones who may have incited such an event. We mourn those whose
lives were snuffed out and we pray. We pray for healing, we pray for understanding and peace. We pray for forgiveness. Out of respect for those who lost their lives and were injured (both physically and mentally) at the
hand of a madman, let’s keep our mouths shut about politics for once, honor their memories, and pray that healing will come to our broken Land.


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