You win some, you lose some

Before I begin this post, I would like to confess that yes, I did just google “lose” to make sure I spelled it right. I have a horrible habit of mixing this up with loose and have been called out on multiple times, and in public settings and forums. I’m happy to announce that maybe I’ve got it down…finally.

Anyway, this little update in long overdue, but because of a vacation to Iowa and then friends and family in town, I’m just now getting around to my happy little blog. Those in day-to-day contact with us already know, but a few weeks ago Matt’s future boss at Brown called and let us know that due to some miscommunications and some new hires, all of their Fellowships for the 2011-2012 year had lost funding. Funny how life throws you a curve ball sometimes.

We’ve had a few weeks to get used to the idea and are ok, but we were a little surprised and disappointed in the beginning. These are the things that I’ve been thinking about…

1. The day we found out I was feeling really homesick for TX and prayed that God would ready my heart for a move across the country. I am not superstitious in any way, but I do believe in a God who cares about our hearts enough to let us down easy sometimes. Of the two of us, I’m the romantic who was dreaming of New England. I am grateful that the timing was perfect and I was missing home.

2. In our questioning we’ve asked, “Why would this happen only to fall through?” We don’t pretend to even understand the workings of God and why things happen, good or bad. But, in our thinking, praying, and talking-we are both grateful that Matt was accepted into the fellowship instead of not. We are equally grateful that it lost funding before it even began, instead of once we’d moved our lives across the country and away from everything/one we know and love.

3. I’ve learned a hard lesson over the past 2 and a half years and it is this: happiness is NOT dependant on where I am. If I am happy and content here, I will be happy and content anywhere else. Happiness, joy, and contentment are all issues of my heart. Sometimes, I like to believe that having this or that, or moving here or there will satisfy all of my hopes and dreams, but there is nothing more false on the planet.  Yes, our “adventure” fell through, BUT I am excited to see what adventures await us at home.

Now to my pros list for moving home….

1. Texas, despite its horrific weather, is a glorious place and makes my heart a little happy every time I visit.  I am not a native, and I do believe it is an acquired taste, but I like it.

2. I will not have to travel weekly to another state for Chick Fil A (or as my aunts say, “chicka fila” or “chick a fil”-haha). Sing with me…”Praise God from whom all blessings flow….”

3. We will be in company again with old friends and family. Sigh.

4. I was a little concerned that living in a coastal state would take away my love for October Florida Family fun month, but now it won’t.

5. We will have Tex Mex again: Joe T. Garcia’s, Taco Cabana, La Familia, Uncle Julio’s, Fuzzy’s, etc, etc. Mmmmmmm.

Anyway, we are so thrilled to be moving back to our beloved Texas. God is good and we are happy. Now for the house to sell….


8 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some

  1. Martha Sneed says:

    Well written. God is always faithful and always intentional in what he does and does not allow in our lives. There fore we can always praise him for his perfect plan because it is that, perfect. Even when it feels far from perfect. Your adventure will be a different one but you’re still on it with Matt and CB (and now many more) but most importantly your Father! And please believe me that I don’t mean to cue up the, “It’s all about meeeeee” song but this huge change is a blessing for literally our entire family. I’m so happy for Philip that Matt will be here (he really does admire him) I’m of course happy for me 🙂 and I’m so happy for Daniel that he gets to grow up closer to Charlie. The Spindlers (and now Spindler-Harrisons) have always blessed my heart. This is a huge blessing for us and we’re thankful. Praying for continuous peace for you and Matt. We love y’all so much!

  2. Anna B. says:

    Martha, I love you so much, too. Thanks for that sweet post. I’m so thrilled for this new stage in your life and HAPPY to be near you for it. I prayed that Daniel would come today. There’s still time! 🙂

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