The end of an era

Can 3 years really be classified as an era? Probably not, but 3 years for us has seemed like forever and a flash all in one. In one month we drive away from Little Rock, AR and call it a day. We may be back, but more than likely we will never live here again. SO, I’ve decided to use the last days here to remember and hail the things we have loved about this little town in the middle of the Natural State.

The first thing we fell in love with here is our little white house. Although the owner didn’t quite believe it, we knew this was home as soon as we walked in. Three bids and three weeks later, we bought our first home. 1200 square feet of 1920’s charm and some 1920’s problems, our house is our little gem.

Although this house has its quirks, and there have been plenty of times I’ve wished for bigger and shinier-at the end of the day, I wish I could pick it up and move it back to Fort Worth with us.

So, here’s to you white house, our first home, the home we brought our baby home to, the home we made our own. We love you and will always remember  our years here. We wish you could move with us, but hope your new owners will love you as much as we have!


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