Here’s to the best Chick-fil-A ever!

Since Matt and I are cheap (well since I am cheap) and also love chicken, one of the first things we did in Little Rock was find Chick Fil A. This task proved pretty easy as it is literally 3 minutes away-another indication that we’d found just the right house.

This Chick Fil A, we soon discovered is not just your normal CFA-it’s the best one we’ve ever been to. Granted, even your normal CFA’s are wonderful, but there’s just something about our Chick Fil A on Markham in Little Rock. Here’s the short list of why we love it: it is always immaculate, the employees are genuinely kind, they re-fill your drinks as fast as you can drink them, they bring your kids balloons, they stop and talk at your table, and if you go too much (like we do) they introduce themselves to you and then they remember who you are and what you do.

I’m not sure what John Spenst, the owner is doing-but he is doing it right. We will miss this restaurant more than words.  In times that Matt and I were struggling through his grueling schedule, CFA provided a much-needed reprieve from exhaustion and a chance to catch up over a simple sandwich. Here’s to you CFA on Markham for making Little Rock feel a little more like home when we needed it the most. You have been our joy to frequent!


2 thoughts on “Here’s to the best Chick-fil-A ever!

  1. Cassidy says:

    That’s too funny… because we have two CFAs here that treat us the same way. Different owners, same experience, though. It may be a sign that we’re there too much. Mom and Dad happened to be there with R one day when we were with A and the greeter said, “Hi Ruthie!” We feel like royalty.

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