Hillcrest-I’m not sure it gets any better

One sentence that we have uttered at least once or twice a week since June 2008 is, “Man we love this neighborhood.” Around January, it changed to “Ugh, we’re gonna miss this neighborhood.”

Someone told us when we were looking for homes “Hillcrest” And we listened.

From the day we moved in until 12 days from now, when we move out, we have loved this neighborhood in every way.

Hillcrest is over 100 years old which makes it full of character. Unlike other old neighborhoods I’ve been in, (TCU Fort Worth) the houses that have been added on have been remodeled with class.  Many (like ours) have been pretty much left alone-save an added on laundry room here or there. Yeah, these houses are small, but you can’t replicate their charm in a new home or new neighborhood. And there are flowers-everywhere you look, unbelievable, unkempt, abounding, flowers: Hydrangeas, Daisies, Azaleas, Crape Myrtles, Irises, Hostas, and Gardenias. There are very few manicured bushes. Things just grow willy nilly and I LOVE that.  There are also trees in every yard (granted one fell this Spring in our back yard, making me somewhat suspicious during storms), but they make the streets cozy.

We are about 2 blocks South of a wonderful little street called Kavanaugh. It winds down to our neighborhood from a Northern and more affluent neighborhood called the Heights, but it’s just as wonderful down here as it is up there. We often walk up there for a pizza or cup of coffee at one of the wonderful local restaurants housed there. At any given time, it is full of runners and dog walkers. On Saturdays in the Summer, you can stroll up to a Farmer’s Market at the Baptist Church (reminds me of growing up Baptist in the South, music and all). And on the first Thursday of every month in the Spring and Summer, the streets shut down and are filled with bands while vendors serve cheese and wine.  When we’re out of milk, the baby and I walk 3 blocks over to the grocery store. It’s wonderful. It’s quaint. It’s historic. We love Kavanaugh.

We heart Hillcrest.  There is pride here, but not arrogance. People just love living here. So here’s to you Hillcrest-Ugh, we will miss you!


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