To the Heartbroken at the Ballpark

Maybe it’s because I have draped my legs over those very same rails with a coke in one hand and a hot dog in the other, and smelled the Ballpark air, and done the wave, and ducked at fly balls countless times, but I wept when I heard the news of the death at Ranger Stadium last night.

I wept because I know that Ballpark so well and I can’t imagine how quickly a fun summer night turned into a tragedy.

I wept because what dad wouldn’t want to catch a fly ball for his kid?

I wept because a son saw his dad’s last moment and in an instant.

I wept because this man was someone’s son, brother, husband/boyfriend, dad,  friend.

I wept because the people who saw him fall to his death will never shake that image from thier minds.

I wept because the player that so kindly lobbed the ball into the crowd will probably blame himself-though it IS NOT his fault.

I just can’t shake the news. I just can’t stop feeling heartbreak for this family, for the fans, for the baseball players.

But all I can do is pray: pray for comfort and healing for the son and family and friends, pray for comfort and peace for Josh Hamilton, pray for an ability to celebrate this man’s life in the midst of this current horror, pray and remember that in life, it is the relationships and not things, or money, or wealth, or position that make us who we are. And relationships are fleeting and gone in an instant.

My heart is so heavy.

My God be with them in a very present and tangible way.


One thought on “To the Heartbroken at the Ballpark

  1. Cathy says:

    Anna, you are so right on every account. Such a tragedy for this little boy & the friends who were with them to have to try and protect the child when they were undoubtedly heartbroken also. And my heart goes out to his wife & Josh Hamilton & all concerned too.

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