MVP’s in the Rock

Ok, um….this is a very long and year bookish entry-sorry. You can skip it if you don’t want to read my sap. 🙂

Very early on in our time in Little Rock, I figured out that it wasn’t just another move and I’ve done a lot of moving. So far in my life, I’ve lived in 4 states and moved WAY more than that. BUT I wasn’t used to moving somewhere without a job or a school. Matt and I made the decision-for many reasons, that I wouldn’t work. It was a hard decision and one I questioned a lot that first year, but in retrospect probably the right decision (despite some judgmental looks I got). This decision insured that when Matt was off (which was seldom) we could spend that vital and precious time together. However, it also meant that my extroverted self didn’t really have an easy way to form relationships. Needless to say, my first months here were pretty lonely.

Thursday morning coffee

About 2 months into our time here, the wife of one of Matt’s colleagues contacted the other wives to see if we would be interested in meeting on Thursday morning for coffee every week. YES! Oh please YES! So what began as a group of girls who didn’t know one another, became something that I looked forward to every week: coffee with girls who understood EXACTLY what it’s like to walk with a husband through residency and who could identify with crazy hours and poor pay like no one else could. In the last three years we’ve moved our morning coffee from Starbucks to Panera and from 7am (what were we thinking) to 8am to 9am. We’ve added a wife whose husband is one year behind ours’. We all had babies (save one little guy who has yet to make an appearance yet), and now most of us are moving on. It’s been a great ride with these girls who I consider to now be lifelong friends. I love you each and am so grateful to have walked through life with you-you’ve made it much more than bearable-but enjoyable. Thank you. I already miss Thursday mornings with you!


About 6 months into our time here, my great friend Courtney found out about a campus ministry in a small town north of here. We met with one of their directors, who at the time had just had a new baby boy (said baby boy is currently betrothed to my little girl, but that’s another blog post). We hit it off with her right away and both Courtney and I knew that a. we wanted to be involved with this ministry and b. we really liked Becca.

Since that time, Becca has grown from just someone who I liked to someone I consider to be a life long friend, as well. Both from the Midwest, we can commiserate on these crazy Southern traditions (read: RAZORBACK FOOTBALL!) and how much we miss real winters and big cities. I’m right behind her in the child rearing stuff and what a help it’s been to bounce stuff off of her.

Becca-I’ve loved doing life with you in Little Rock. I love your honesty and admire your walk with the Lord….and I’m really just breathing a sigh of relief that your parents are moving to Dallas, so we don’t have to say goodbye for real!

After a few months of knowing Becca, I was introduced to Kendra, a college sophomore who was ready to be discipled. On our first meeting somehow I asked Kendra two very important questions (I mean honestly so important that they may be considered deal breakers to some, not me, but almost). 1. Do you like coffee? 2. Do you like Anne of Green Gables. To both she answered yes. Whew. We were fast friends. Since that time about 2 1/2 years ago, Kendra and I have tried to meet every week or so. We talk about everything from the Bible, to our faith, to love, to just life stuff. Anyway, meeting with Kendra was such a blessing and though technically I was mentoring her, I often joked to Becca that it was Kendra who was discipling me.

Kendra-you are a blessing to my life in so many ways! I have cherished our coffee times together and look so forward to seeing how the rest of your life unfolds and what God has for you. 🙂

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all of the other wonderful people that Matt and I have met through CRU. So Doug, Sam, Emily, Natalie, and Jacqueline, here’s to you guys, too! I so wish we could move you all to FW with us!

Moms and More

After I had Charlie, I joined a Bible Study at my church called Moms and More. I was already a part of another bible study and was sort of on the fence about this one. The format was simple: big group time which included a 10 minute practical mom snippet (like gardening or cleaning or cooking) and a main speaker and small group time. When you get put in small groups, you never know how it’s going to go down. Sometimes you click, sometimes you don’t. This group, quite possibly was the most clicking random small group I’ve ever been in. Tuesday mornings have been a highlight of my week for the last year. The ONLY negative thing I have to say about Moms and More, is that it wrapped up in April and I’ve missed seeing my friends regularly ever since (thank goodness for play dates!) Moms and More buddies-I love you all and am so happy you have been in my life! What a blessing you have been to me and how fun to watch our newborns grow into toddlers!

Here’s the truth-it is not things, or houses, or restaurants, or money that make a place home, it is relationships. I am eternally grateful for the women God placed in my life in Little Rock! I love you all very dearly!


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