Hey Hollywood, could you just put on a little Weight?

This year, in our annual watch a WHOLE series of a sit com at once tradition, Matt and I are watching 30 Rock. I was an immediate fan for 2 reasons: 1. I adore Tina Fey and secretly wish I had her job and 2. Tracy Morgan-enough said. Matt is still on the fence since now he compares everything to Arrested Development (a standard which is so high, nothing will ever come close). Oh well. This is all beside the point.

Short explanation of 30 Rock, if you, like me, are just now enjoying or haven’t yet enjoyed this little comedy:

Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is the head writer for a sketch comedy show called The Girly Show, starring Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski). To improve its slipping ratings, the network hires Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), a big wig in the appliance world, to revive the show. He changes the show’s name to TGS and adds the wonderful and already famous Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) to broaden viewership.

SO-right now we’re working on Season 2. At the beginning of the season Jenna is just back from a summer stint in the musical version of Mystic Pizza (oh, thanks for reminding me to re-watch this great cult classic starring Julia Roberts and Anna Beth Gish!), and has subsequently gained a lot of weight around the middle (coincidentally the exact same place I carry my weight-cool!)

Jack immediately orders her to lose the weight and crazy crash diets ensue (ie. the paper diet-where one consumes only paper until the desired weight is achieved). As the diets fail, Jenna finds herself in a self deprecating, yet hilarious sketch in which her main line is “Me want food.” It’s a success and Jenna decides to keep the new tire around her waist. Her ratings soar, she becomes the spokesperson for a plus sized perfume, and even Jack likes her more. Around episode 3 or 4, however, she starts to tragically, lose the weight and well that’s where I’ve left off because more important things like my toddler and painting our new house beacon.

But this is what I was thinking about….although this is all written in jest and is indeed pretty funny, wouldn’t it be so great if TV/Movie stars were just a little squishy like the rest of us 30 somethings? Even I was a little sad when Jenna’s weight started coming off, though it was CLEARLY a padded stomach. Even I liked her better just a little fat. I did.

Then I started thinking about Friends. Remember when Rachel was just a little chubbier (and by chubbier, I mean, not as ridiculously/work out 2 hours a day/diet/perfectly toned as she is in later seasons chubbier) in the first season? I liked her more then, too. I didn’t subconsciously wish I could be thinner than I was because she looked like a normal healthy girl, who worked out and ate moderately.

Hmmmm…so here are the questions I’ve been asking myself:

1. Would I feel just a little better about my own squishiness if celebrities were a little squishy, too?

2. Would said celebrities be more likeable if they were a little squishy?

3. Would talented/squishy actresses have more of a chance to make it in Hollywood?

4. Would we be less obsessive about weight in our country?

I think the answer to all of these questions is YES!

So, Hollywood-please will you just put on a few pounds, not 50-100, just 10-15.

Just a suggestion! Thanks.

(Side note-I know it’s the inside that really counts, and I believe that-but let’s be honest, we all care about our outsides, too. We do, don’t lie!)


One thought on “Hey Hollywood, could you just put on a little Weight?

  1. cheesefemme says:

    Yep. Totally agree. It makes me sad how so many of these women are consumed by staying skinny. And the people who aren’t that skinny (read: size 8) are looked at as fat or lazy. It’s so funny in that episode because they talk about how she either has to lose the weight or get really big. There’s no room for the in-betweens in Hollywood.

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