Komen v. Planned Parenthood

Now that the country has had a couple of days to untangle their panties following the Komen v. Planned Parenthood fiasco, let’s consider just a few ideas:

1. We live in a free country in which non-profits are allowed (Praise God) to donate their money how they see fit.

2. While Planned Parenthood does provide breast exams for low income women, they are not actively participating in breast cancer research, therefore by withdrawing support to this organization we will withdraw our support from breast cancer victims, their families, and future generations (possibly our very own daughters). This is an outrageous thing to do and makes us guilty of practicing politics over principle (the very thing we are angry at Komen for doing).

3. We must remember that Komen’s statement regarding their withdrawal of funding for Planned Parenthood, is because Planned Parenthood is under investigation by the US government. We can speculate that it is for other reasons, but we don’t know that. If it was for other reasons, well, once again, thank God our country is free and we are all entitled to our own beliefs. Thank God, seriously. (Side note: I’m sure Planned Parenthood would not give money to a pro-life non-profit agency and that’s ok, because this is America).

4. The nearly $700,000 in donations withdrawn from Planned Parenthood is a DROP in THE BUCKET when looking at their budget, and it was recouped virtually overnight by donors angry at Komen.

5.  We must remember that the battle, the enemy here is not Republicans. The enemy is cancer. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in the fight against each other that we forget who the fight is really against and that is CANCER.

On a personal note, I have volunteered with Komen rather extensively and run several races and I can tell you two things:

The women who devote their lives to Komen are passionate beyond belief about breast cancer research and prevention. They take what they do very seriously and they do it well. They are tireless in their work. They are good, kind, driven people and I love them.

In my time with Komen, I was one of the few conservatives. I’m sure some applaud the demise of their relationship with PP and others are probably upset by it.

All this to say, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Below is a link which I saw last night on the Arkansas for the Cure Facebook page…..basically I might have been able to skip this blog post entirely and just re-post this,

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Arkansas

Oh wait, it seems Komen reinstated their funding of Planned Parenthood while I wrote this blog post, and this is what I have to say-political pressure apparently works in both directions and I will still support Komen.

PS. To my followers, I’m really sorry for all of the political posts lately….I just can’t help myself, it’s that time of the year…I’m writing a completely non-political blog post in my head right now!!! Stay tuned.


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