Here’s an Idea…

***Disclaimer-If you are a friend of mine who is pregnant with your first child, don’t read this. Seriously, don’t read this, it’ll ruin the surprise. 🙂

So, right after I had my first baby, my ObGyn rolls up next to my face and starts telling me a bunch of stuff regarding pain management. “Get some Tucks pads,” she says. I remember nodding blankly and looking over to my husband to assure that he knew what the heck she was talking about or at least could remember what she said.

Thus began a crazy couple of weeks with lots of weird unknowns and several trips to the store for stuff I never thought about needing. After one trip to Target, my husband laughed out loud as he unloaded a slew of hemorrhoid ointments, pads, and stool softeners musing that the checker must have thought, “whoa, this guy has some ISSUES!!”

(Oh and FYI, lest you think I had a RAGING case of hemorrhoids, tucks pads and the like are just helpful in general for everyone’s healing and pain management after labor :)).

After finally figuring out what Tucks were and where in the heck Target keeps them, and that Prune juice is a postpartum girl’s best friend, and that man nursing makes you HUNGRY, I thought “gosh, I wish someone had told me this 2 months ago!!”

So, I decided that when my friends became first time moms, I’d spare them embarrassing trips to the pharmacy aisle and beat them to the punch with a little first time mom’s care package.

Here are some of the things I put in my packages for new moms:

Tucks pads (or the Target brand, which is identical and half the price)

100 calorie snack packs for nursing munchies

Organic Smooth Move Tea (Let me just tell you, whether you’ve just had a baby or not, this stuff is a miracle. Thanks to my Grandma for hooking a sister up in my first trimester. I’m talking-miraculous.)

Always/extra long pads with wings (didn’t think you’d need these babies ever again after junior high-think again.)

Various things for the baby, like odor reducing bags for dirty dipes, shampoo, and anything from the registry.

I’ve also added Lanolin or nice smelling lotions…though those things usually make it to showers and registries.

I put all of these things in a handy dandy Tupperware with a lid, because a girl can never have enough storage bins or baskets!

So, the next time you’re invited to a shower or have a friend who’s about to pop, consider throwing together some post-baby necessities to make her life just a little less crazy those first few weeks.

What are some things you might add to my list? I’m always looking for suggestions!


3 thoughts on “Here’s an Idea…

  1. stibbsfamily says:

    I must have had insanely easy labors because I never needed the tucks stuff or stool softeners. My big go to items in the week/weeks following birth were: lanolin cream, breast pads, motrin for the cramping (that was my main issue), massive water bottle (nursing made me SOOOO thirsty and hungry!), comfy soft clothes, nursing tanks. Nice bath/shower stuff, stuff that smells good and makes me feel a little pretty again, because in reality you feel like you were hit by a trunk and then beat with a baseball bat. at least I did 😉 a good friend once brought over a nursing stool (so nice!) and a good book on raising babies. both were really nice to have those first weeks while I laid around cuddling a sleepy bundle.

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