Just some Questions I Have

Yesterday it was HOT in Texas. By hot, I don’t mean 114 like last summer, but low 90’s, which for the beginning of May, is hot. And for this pregnant chick, it’s really hot! So my husband and I were driving by the local university which might as well be populated with beauty queens and models and I bet you have to submit a head shot with your application and no one seems to be sweating or hot. In fact, all those little girls look beautiful and their hair is down,and they are wearing skinny jeans. So I wonder out loud, “HOW do they look so pretty all the time???”, which made me think of some other questions I have about life that no one can seem to answer for me. Here are some….

Beauty-related quandaries

1. How do people look cute and not sweaty in the summer? How do they do it? When the temperature goes above 95, I just don’t know. Sub-question: HOW do they wear their hair down? How???

2. How do people wear high heels into their 50’s without getting bunions? I got one at 28. Do people just suffer through? How do they do it, Stacy London?

3. How do people get their hair to hold all day? Glue? I use hairspray. It doesn’t seem sufficient.

4. How in the world do people keep their eye make-up on all day? Are the actually secretly reapplying in the bathroom?

5. Where are people buying their cute maternity clothes? I mean, it’s not at Motherhood, because I’m there about every week. (For instance, my cute little neighbor across the street is wearing a darling dress and it is not sold at Target, Motherhood, or Gap). Where did she get it? Dang. And she’s wearing heels. Subquestion: How does she do that?? Heels?

6. Why does it take us (women) so long to pee in public places? What are we doing in there? Why is there always a line? I’m so confused.

7. (And one question my husband always asks, so I’ll put it here) Why do men wear skinny jeans? He doesn’t understand it and it troubles him on a regular basis.

Living related quandaries

1. The suburbs? Why? WHY? Sub-question: Is commuting really worth it?

2. Wood paneled rooms?

3. A living room that no one goes in but you still have to clean plus a den that everyone goes in and you have to clean, why is this?

General/Misc. quandaries

1. Justin Bieber, Madonna, Brittney Spears. Someone please explain. (Well Biebs-I guess he’s got some talent, but the other 2, I’m not sure why they are famous). Sub-question: why is anyone famous anymore?

2.  Why did I ever EVER think getting a Beagle was a good idea? (Ok, he’s cute, sweet, snuggly, etc…just right now he’s annoying me by barking at life, but I know why I got him).

3.  Why do Mac owners put Mac stickers on their cars? Should I get a Sony sticker? Or it that pathetic? (Jk, I’m not doing that).

4.  Aren’t hipsters just basically emo kids revamped? Why did they need a new name? Is it because no one listens to Dashboard Confessional anymore?

5.  Why would a boy chose Wal-mart over Target any day? I need a better reason than “because it’s awesome.”

I have so many more questions than this….but these are the ones I wonder about the most maybe. The ones that don’t seem to have answers. But really the biggest one is HOW DO PEOPLE LOOK CUTE IN THE SUMMER?? An answer to this would be really helpful because summer in Texas is 6 months or something, so…if anyone could help me out, that would be awesome.


7 thoughts on “Just some Questions I Have

  1. travelladywithbaby says:

    Hi, I actually posted 2 blogs for those who were looking for Maternity shopping. trying to find cute Maternity clothes was hell. So, I started researching and asking every pregnant lady possible to come up with a list to help any woman who wanted it!
    Looking cute in hot weather, while pregnant can be done!

  2. katie f-s says:

    when i started buying teacher clothes at the beginning of the semester, i realized what keeps womenfolk in the bathroom so long: TIGHTS. or hose, or leggings, or wtfever search term we use. they take FOREVER to get back on, and we are the only ones who are expected to wear them! guuuuuuh!!

  3. sarahkathryn says:

    Let’s see, I’ll tell you my thoughts…
    1. I DON’T KNOW! I often wonder the same thing. My hair starts to frizz out like a crazy person.
    2. I want to be that person. Please, oh please, let me be that person.
    3. Freaks of nature. (or just really good genes)
    4. MAC cosmetics. Liquid last eyeliner. SO AMAZING!
    5. mehhhh…you got me.
    6. I have thought about this often. I’ve decided it’s because women have more things to do in there. We have more clothes to take off, have other “issues” we often have to take care of, and are more likely to wash our hands. (No easy “whip it out” urinal visits for us!)
    7. Because those guys think it’s cool.

    1. I guess they want a more “community” vibe instead of city fast life…?
    2. bahahaha…Maybe they just didn’t have the funds to get rid of them.
    3. I don’t understand this question.

    1. Britney used to have sex appeal and could dance like crazy. Her fame now is just left over from that. Apparently, sex sells. I guess that’s the same reason Madonna was famous. Plus, they make songs with beats that are good for dance choreography.
    2. GOOD QUESTION!!!!! Boomer.
    3. Not all Mac owners do this. Yes, I think it’s weird. But, they often include free stickers when you buy something. They may have just stuck it on their car.
    4. Hipsters have evolved a little from emo. They shower less and wear old clothes instead of new, black tees. haha
    5. Because some men are cheap!

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