Remembering War…

Today is my dad’s birthday, so it is a special day for our family.

It is also a day for remembrance. It is a day that thousands of young men-boys (who in 2012 would still be living with their parents and playing video games) gave their lives for freedom. I can only imagine what they must have been thinking, what they must have felt as they headed to that beach, unaware of the day that lay ahead of them, unsure of whether they would survive. Yet courageously they fought: they fought for America, they fought for Europe, they fought against evil. They fought without question. They fought backed by a country who hailed them as heroes.

And they left behind wives, children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends.

How the times have changed. Now, even in the midst of atrocities against women and other people groups in our world, we turn a blind eye to genocide, to injustice, to tyrants. We rally against war. We turn our eyes inward. If it’s not in America-we don’t care. Yet sometimes war is necessary. Where would we be without the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII? Dare I say, where would the Iraqi people be if Hussein was still in power? There are just wars.

So here’s to a generation who gave of themselves for others-others they could not see and did not know. They fought to preserve our freedom, even now, even in 2012. My grandmother had a picture album of her friends from high school and college. She showed it to me once. It seemed that almost every young man in there died in the war. I wonder how much WWII depleted her generation. And they were so young, so heroic, so selfless, not entitled.  And here’s to those who are STILL giving and sacrificing bravely for our freedom, for truth, for justice, for life.

We owe our freedom to them.

May we never forget. May we continue to honor and respect those in military service.

*The following link is a beautiful story of heroism and remembrance that was featured on the CBS evening news tonight.

Honoring the dead In France




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