The politics of gratefulness

Many of my friends have taken to Facebook this month to post their gratefulness in the month leading up to Thanksgiving.

What a beautiful practice thankfulness is. It’s hard to be grouchy or angry or sour when we truly look around and note our abounding blessings.

But thankfulness can be like sympathy. It can be something that doesn’t lead us to action. What’s the point if we are not compelled to live out our thankfulness?

Today as I left my polling station (crying baby in tow), I was choked up with gratefulness for the privilege it is to vote for the leaders of our country.  In a world where women really are oppressed (and by oppression I don’t mean they merely lack birth control), in a world where men and women are persecuted for their political and religious beliefs, in a world where people really do eat trash, and scavenge for sustenance, we in America are afforded the great luxury of free thinking and free speaking. We get to choose those who govern us. We get to have a voice.

Today, give your thankfulness feet (as compassion is the feet of sympathy). Do something. Make your voice count. It is your privilege, your right, your RESPONSIBILITY.




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