An Unsolicited Opinion about Frozen

Have you ever been a part of something and it felt like your heart was on the outside of your body? For me-it’s usually music or really good theatre.

The day to day swarms around me and my time is filled with goldfish, grilled cheese, and Daniel Tiger, so it’s been a while since I’ve been felt this way, until…

On Valentines Day, we took our big girl to her first movie in a theatre. And I felt it: the rush of awe and appreciation, the reminder that there are great story tellers and artists, and thoughtful and funny composers still out there-still making magic in our culture.

There are a lot of posts out there about this movie and I’ve not read any of them, because this post has been swirling in my head since February 14th.

Here are major themes and points that I took away from Frozen:


1. Sometimes gifts can be our worst enemies. Elsa’s talent for snow making was innate within her.  BUT, gifts have to be used in the right context. They need to be humbly developed and nurtured by parents and loved ones. Just think about our personalities. We are who we are…but sometimes out of fear, we squash that, we hold it in, we pretend. Elsa had an amazing gift that she didn’t know how to use, and no one taught her what to do with it. Encouraged by her parents, she hid it. When she was true to herself and learned purpose in her gift…who she really was…only then was she beautiful and free (and sexy, for that matter-it’s true and it’s ok).

2. Anna and Elsa were products of parents who thought they were doing the right thing but were actually screwing up. As a mom-this is terrifying. But here’s the thing…Elsa and Anna could have blamed their parents for their predicament. They could have dwelled on it. We all could and can. But if we have loving parents, it’s a FACT that they did their best. They intended the best. So, the next time you feel tempted to blame your parents for something, remember that they love(d) you and were likely trying to do the right thing. And I am trying now, to parent the best I know how. I’m sure when my kids grow up, they will point to ways I’ve messed them up. Heaven help me as I try to be a good mom!

3. For a million reasons, Elsa was hurt, so to protect herself she built ice around her heart and refused to let anyone in-even those who loved her most. Are you doing this today? Am I? Pain often drives us away from intimacy. We were meant for community. Living outside of it IS the biggest tragedy.

4. Elsa was different and when people found out, they were scared.  Now you can be all PC and say “Differences don’t scare me!” But they probably do, and no one will know if you just admit it in your head. And different things scare different people. It is what it is. But at some point, we have to stop being afraid, and get to know people for who they are, different or not. That’s hard and it may take an entire lifetime.

5. For once, “true love” wasn’t the conventional boy meets girl and boy saves the day. First off, the GIRL saved the day. And secondly, the perfect love in this movie, was messy, gritty, enduring, painful, and beautiful-as only love in real life can be. Not only that, it was familial. And familial love rarely looks like it did on Full House or I love Lucy. It’s hard. It. Just. Is.

I’m so glad that this was also a story about sisters.  And if you have sisters…you know that there is no one on Earth who can be your best friend and soul mate like a sister, and almost no one you’ll fight for more than a sister.

6. Reconciliation is worth it…even if it’s hard and takes a long time. I believe that reconciliation wants to be the plot line of every story. Yours and mine.

7. The good guy won the girl. Maybe you’d say the underdog…but he was NOT the prince. He was not the guy she thought she wanted, but instead, the guy she needed and the guy who wasn’t too prideful to win her. He was also her friend, first. I loved this! I want that guy to date my daughters some day. That guy dated and married me. What a lucky girl I am.

My little girl is too little to see movies this way. All she wants to do is sing “do you wanna build a snowman?” over and over again. And my husband (because he’s a guy) prefers The Incredibles. But I’m grateful for what I consider to be the best Disney movie of all time for themes of redemption and strength and love in an age of cheaply made movies with weak and boring plots. When my girls are bigger…I hope we can chew on these themes whilst sipping coffee and eating dark chocolate!



5 thoughts on “An Unsolicited Opinion about Frozen

  1. Karen Wade says:

    Haven’t seen it yet, and I’m reserving time to see it at Nichole’s house….she loves it and has most of the characters or has others that represent them. She is sooo carried away with it that every week we see her after CBS she has something to say about the movie. Can’t wait to see it, but I agree about importance of sisters and reconciliation and the messiness of family and love!! Right on, girl!!

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