Bunny’s Birthday

Last Tuesday was my Bunny’s birthday. She would have been 96. Gone only 6 months, it seems like both a flash and an eternity. So much has happened since her home going that I’ve wished she could know, wished I could tell her. Funny things, redemption stories, new life, etc. Life goes on. And I miss her, still.

As I chased around littles in this season of fast-slow on Tuesday, I thought of her from the moment I woke up til the moment I went to sleep. My plans were to commemorate her day here, but I think she would’ve rather I spent my time doing what I did: chatting with my sister while our children wove in and out of the living room, making food for my family, taking my oldest to dance, being in community. In the end, it’s not the big things that leave the legacy. It’s not the money or the big vacations or the flashy clothes that we so often revere in 2016. It’s the little things.

It’s enjoying a good meal or dessert around a table with those you love.

It’s taking the time to listen and ask questions, undistracted by media.

Its choosing vulnerable and real over maintaining appearances.

It’s loving people well.

It’s chasing relationships.


My grandmother wasn’t famous, she didn’t have a slew of people at her funeral, and the world did not publicly mourn when she breathed her last. But she touched more lives that she ever knew. She was more wonderful than she realized. And her influence continues to spread and will. That’s the amazing thing about legacy. When you leave one, it doesn’t die. It trickles down and reaches beyond our comprehension.


One thought on “Bunny’s Birthday

  1. Karen Wade says:

    Thanks for the tribute. I too thought of her all week and had many times flash backs of happy memories, and how we were last year, and how much Mom thrived and loved Creston and all that went on in the last Ten rich years of her life. Your family was a big part of that richness and loving care. Many thanks for your part in her care! Love you all, and keep on writing! Love, Karen

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